Logo Design Proposals

I do not focus on a specific field or branch of my client’s businesses. My portfolio of work varies widely, ranging from small development projects to businesses in the healthy food industry, luxury chocolate boutiques to financial advisory companies. It’s the diversity and range of these projects that fuel my inspiration and continuously push me forward. When I get the opportunity to create a logo for a company in an industry that I am not familiar with, I am full of enthusiasm.

My work begins with a personal meeting with the client. Through careful listening, I strive to understand their future goals, identify the competitive factors that inspire them, and determine their preferred trends. Subsequently, I conduct a thorough analysis of the industry in which they operate. The knowledge acquired forms the foundation for understanding the entire context and becomes the cornerstone of my design.

I usually present three different versions of the project, and we engage in constructive discussions about them. Based on this cooperation, the client chooses one specific design or combines elements from several concepts, resulting in the final form of the logo or logotype. I always aim to achieve a result that is easily legible, highly recognizable, and flexible enough to be practically used in various contexts.